Green light, Go; Red light……..Go!

Twice a year or so, a traveling group of retail concessionaires set up booths for a street fair in our apartment complex, an event mirrored at most other major complexes (ca. 5000+ apts). The best time to visit is around the hours when all the children return home from schools and hakweons, ready for something considerably more fun. The Familographer (a dynamic duo, in the present case), while exploring the setup and capturing a few photos and video for the family album, ran into an acquaintance, our friendly neighborhood mechanic, who we like because he understands TF’s obsession with keeping the old Sonata rolling until his scrotum strikes sparks on the pavement. Here’s the ensuing interview with our friend Kongeopsa Ajossi. He is explaining how the traffic light in front of his workplace came into existence as the result of a fatal accident there (motorist or pedestrian unspecified) which led local residents to picket several public offices demanding a signal be installed. The main result may be to lull the neighbors into a false sense of security. Too cynical? Judge for yourself.


2 responses to “Green light, Go; Red light……..Go!

  1. Hi Jack….I’m really enjoying this blog, and am amazed at the abundance and enthusiasm of your writings!! Its still snowing at the hoop. A very late spring this year, and hard on all the critters. Those of us still around to enjoy the spring skies are still the lucky ones, I think. Best regards, Ann

  2. Thanks, Ann. Being snowed in on Huckleberry Mountain is one of the nicer things ever happened to me. I appreciate the kind words about my effort. The hoary marmot is quite a bit more prolific, tho….

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