Iraq hearings in the US Senate: Petraeus and Crocker

Watching the senators do their tippy-toe around Petraeus and Crocker in the Iraq hearings, and listening to the still-sickening bubble and flop of Jungle Joe Lieberman and Lil’ Lindsay Graham, it’s all your Familographer can do to resist the temptation to rip his last two hairs out by the roots and fling them against the padded walls of this room where he moved the workstation so’s not to injure himself getting his news. What a lot of blather. It’s too damn bad that two of the senators who could be the pinching fingers to pop some pimples of truth here, are running for president. If that was ever, in the history of the republic, the way to any truth not equivocal, we’d still be a monarchy. One Republican, Voinovich, is a little more real in his presentation than others, but it isn’t the crime against humanity that causes his handwringing, No-o-o, Ut’s the economy, dipshits.

Completely lost in the blab-blab and blah-blah is the fact that 3 out of 4 Iraqis regard the US presence in their country to be an occupation (Sen. Libby Dole once spewed her lunch when a reporter used the word in an interview-paté, anyone). A majority of Iraqis believe internecine violence will lessen when the occupiers go. All Iraqis would surely prefer no foreign military presence in their country in a reign of peaceful relations with their neighbors. The ugly truth is, true to Colin Powell’s prescient Pottery Barn metaphor, we own it now, and that was really the plan all along. Anyone who thinks otherwise, true to the Jon Stewart-unveiled Cheney, don’t know Dick.

Forget about the thousands of us who, with Scott Ritter and Hans Blix and Joseph Wilson and anyone else who habitually declines ideological Kool-aid. When it comes to the truth about Iraq, in the early days of W’s criminal folly, the Familographer counted most on reports from Iraqi sources, or people very close to the scene. That’s why it was so frustrating then, hearing the drumbeat and watching the buildup, to attempt to discuss the subject with people, some of them close relatives Familographer likes a lot at other times, who thought that, because of their professional or business success, and because they watch the TV news every day, that they were as well informed as a person could be. They had not the distinct displeasure of daily shocking wake up calls from the blogs of Salam Pax or Riverbend, the “Girl Blogger from Baghdad”. Neither heartbreaking blog is still active today. I hope they are both alive and well, but I fear the worst.

Of homegrown news sources, I found the most consistently reliable to be Seymour Hersch, Greg Palast, Tom Dispatch, Dahr Jamail, Juan Cole and Norman Solomon. Anyone who has read “The People’s History of the United States” misses no chance to read anything by Howard Zinn on this subject. Noam Chomsky is another reliable wise elder in matter of geopolitics and preserving whatever is worthy in what remains of a once nobler USA. Gone from the scene are the likes of Kurt Vonnegut, whose last writings were as powerful as anything he ever produced. If you don’t believe that’s possible, look up his appearance on the Daily Show. It’s on YouTube.

General Petraeus couldn’t have been less convincing about the US future in Iraq if he’d left the ribbons and hardware and the rest of the martial symbols in the wheelbarrow, and worn a simple T-shirt to the hearings bearing the legend “I’m with Stupid”. As for Ambassador Crocker, he may not be stupid, but he certainly seems to think the senators on the committee, and we citizens are. How like Bush and his Madman vice-president and the neocon trolls that spawned this awful crime!

The Familographer has got to remember to start saving those airsick bags lest, as the result of witnessing this unwinding travesty of hearings in the Senate, he injures his back jumping up from this workstation and, stopped in mid-stride, pukes on his shoes. If it happens, I’m going to mail the shoes to the White House. Homeland Security be damned!

The Familographer turns to poetry in such times, his temples throbbing from daily attention to the dozens of sources he monitors for details of the ongoing atrocity that is the US occupation of Iraq. It remains a country that had neither Al Qaeda nor WMD when W and his Neocon loons, by blowjobs or whatever means they had, suborned the mainstream press in the US to swindle the American people into believing that their sky would fall through Baghdad on its way to Peoria, unless a military membrane prevented it.

So this time (and if there is a sound technician out there who can help me turn off the air conditioning in this movie, call me) I return to just about the most reliable poet I know for this purpose (and therefor little known beyond an extraordinarily hip and savvy underground) namely Charles Potts, who is a family man or there is no such thing.


2 responses to “Iraq hearings in the US Senate: Petraeus and Crocker

  1. The drum beat was mesmerizing… hypnotic… and very frightening. I can understand why many fell for it, because it was thoroughly encapsulated in fear and racism (something quite strong, still, in the USA).
    But even this old redneck saw through the lies, very early on.
    I was incredulous for years and then, when the Downing Street Memos turned up, I became livid that no one seemed to care, especially after all my rants and warnings.

    I don’t blame people for falling for the trick… it was overbearing.

    What bothers me now are those so drunk with the red koolaid, especially the southern US redencks, and are still siding wit the Criminal in Chief even after all the obvious war criminality.

    Then we have those who dish out the blue koolaid who hae supported this mess for political expediency… and should be shown the door in the next election.

    I am even madder at those who profess their “Christ-Likeness” by utilizing the moniker “Christian”, yet do anything and everything the anti-Christ Bush desires and instructs.

  2. The fantastic trio, those are power mongering corrupt politicians, greedy big corporations and
    the media that live on them like a parasite, create these unnecessary tragedies not only to Americans, but also the practically whole world.

    The bad leaders always make the people get scared in order to control them easily. All they are thinking is how can create a crisis and conflict and looking for the scapegoats like Iran or North Korea making them as trouble makers of the world.

    Actually, US is the biggest threat to the world peace today, and every conscientious peoples of the world know about.

    One thing is certain that America is no longer the country of liberalism and idealism once they were proud of, and that particularly the intellectuals of so-called the third world were so much yearning to have.

    Bush is not only one to blame for this mess rather I’m beginging to suspect the system.
    Under the current system, it wouldn’t turn the things around any better even if the Democrats takes over the government.

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