Can a brain be unwashed?

We should all do what we can to see that as many citizens of the US as possible take the time to read and contemplate the extraordinary ramifications of today’s New York Times lead story about the Pentagon and its involvement in Network and Syndicate press coverage of military issues, especially the war in Iraq.

Maybe this will help to focus the picture:


One response to “Can a brain be unwashed?

  1. I’ve been thinking for a long time that we (in the age and time zone of the familiographer) are living in the last of the ‘good old days’. My grandmother was born in northern California in the late 1800’s and lived through an amazing arc of events. I thought my life was nothing special compared to hers, but now I think mine is even more remarkable. We were young in a time of hope and even during the cataclysm of the Vietnam war, there was still a sense of the future worth fighting for. Now we seem trapped in overwhelming doom and futility. Is the loss of the future a greater event than anything preceeding us? How do I reconcile this with the sense of obligation I have always had to not be miserable while being born what I thought was the most opportune time for a woman? That I hadn’t earned or paid for the right to sulk or self pity in context of the lives of so many other women in the past and current times that have been short and brutal? Where do my daughters fit into all of this.
    Seems like altogether too much. Why was it perfectly god damned obvious to me that the whole Iraq construct was totally corrupt and bogus from the very beginning?
    Oh well, have to wash some clothes and pack a bag. Will be teaching welfare workers how federal disablity works so they can help the clients if they are so inclined. Off to Moses Lake and Wenatchee in a spring snow storm.
    Its all a mystery to me…

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