To visitors who have gotten email notices of last night’s post, “REO”, and found that a password is required to  get in. Let me explain. REO are the initials of painter and poet Ray Obermayr, who was featured in the previous post. Some regular visitors to this blog know Ray quite well, or at least know of him and his work.

I put a password on the post because it consists entirely of a gallery containing about 35 images from my visit to Pocatello last December, and Ray is the only other person who has it. Ray is a master colorist, and the images were recorded in available light with a 1.5 megapixel camera on board a mini-DV camcorder. For the technically clueless, just call it a weenie-cam.

In a way, I shouldn’t even try to present these images in this way, because after applying the “auto levels” image alteration in Photoshop, the result is a smallish and not color-accurate representation of a canvas superbly crafted in oil or acrylic by a man at the very pinnacle of skill working with these media. Anyone who is at all familiar with painting will understand, when they discover that the paint is applied entirely with a palette knife, under very tiny strokes.

So I’ve asked Ray to consider whether he really wants these 30 images of his work covering several decades to go before the public eye, when the photos do injustice to each piece: shadows, color distortion, grain, uneven illumination, et. al. have distorted virtually every image. Also, they are tiny, compared with the actual canvases. Even so, as a body of work, they are striking, and might be regarded by many as simply different media versions of art worthy of consideration in their own right.

You be the judge, and please feel free to make your opinions known.


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