How the US Military were made into torturers by Cheney, his lawyers and their NeoCon backers

I admit in advance that this is a violation of an earlier stated decision to forego the often necessary-seeming inclination to blog about geopolitical subjects with the US “War on Terror” as the centerpeice.  My outrage comes from reading the report of Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the subject of prisoner treatment by the US military in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay to the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, of the House Committee on Judiciary Affairs in the United States House of Representatives.

Also fueling my outrage are the recent public appearances to promote a book, by Douglas Feith, and other key architects of most things wrong with Bush Administration handling of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) from the outset, in his role as Pentagon weenie for Don Rumsfeld. Feith will apparently appear anywhere these days to promote his line of personal bullshit as put forth in his new book, except he backed out of a scheduled appearance at the Congressional hearings to investigate the matters, because he would find himself face-to-face with Gen. Wilkerson,  who knows better. So he’s not only dumb, he’s a big ol’ chickenshit to boot.

For those with short memories, Wilkerson is the gentleman who had gathered from open sources more of the background information relating to these subjects than anyone else, as Colin Powell’s assistant at State, an accomplishment which led him to acknowledge in a speech to The New America Foundation in 2005:

“Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, whom most of you probably know Tommy Franks said was the stupidest blankety-blank [uh, the phrase was “dumbest motherfucking”] man in the world. He was. Let me testify to that. He was. Seldom in my life have I met a dumber man.”

Because Feith, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Cambone, Cheney, Abrams, Kristol, Hannity, Coulter, O’Reilly, Malkin and the legion of dipshits that have brought the US to one of the lowest points in its history, in the eyes of the outside world, are like cockroaches, or an antibiotic-resistant crotch rash, unless all of us remain vigilant, they will come weaseling back with their spin and rationale and the whole media circle-jerk with the Ann Coulters and the Rash Limbogs and Bill O’reillys to keep the insane fog machine pumping their slobber into heads not properly inoculated against it.

Even those of us who have been, as the result of concentrated research and reading habits initiated on 9-11, aware of the nature and extent of the rot at the center of US administrative power and function, have some difficult days ahead of us, as those responsible for the monstrous crimes committed in our names are brought to the post for the inevitable reckoning. Much as we have longed for the day, and not without more than a modicum of schadenfreude, there will be little pleasure in witnessing the spectacle as the long line of wrongdoers are marched before the eyes of a wary world, keenly interested in seeing whether the reputation of America as an enviably just and law-governed society is still deserved. Only by exorcising the demons of the hegemonic right, and imposing proper sentences on all the public officials guilty of crimes against the US Constitution and humanity, will the concerns of the world and right-thinking people everywhere, be met. Any (US) American who takes pleasure from it, and in cases such as that of the Vice-president, it will be hard not to do so, is at best something of a masochist. In that sense, I guess we are made for each other. Where is the pleasure in that?


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