Hide the Silverware! W is coming!

George W. Bush is a close analogue to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, with his scheduled early-August visit to Seoul. Of course all the news in the vernacular press here, and to a considerable extent, the blogosphere, will be about how the trip is intended to help beleaguered President Lee Myung-back (LMB) recover ground lost in his hasty US visit and the quickie deal he cut with the W administration on free trade, especially the part that the unhappy campers that have clogged City Hall Plaza every night for weeks now, see as stripping away their insurance policy against mad cow disease. It sounds ludicrous because it is, and that’s why I take the position that the beef issue is just the simplest of a complex set of issues that altogether have spelled “No Honeymoon, Sweetheart” for LMB.

Now comes W in August, and for what? A lot of air and ink are going to be sprayed around by a lot of poorly prepared reporters (using the word with a lot of tongue in cheek), pundits (assonates well with wingnuts) and large-organization talking chiefs from government, NGOs and commerce, respectively, telling us how the visit is mainly about free trade and the N. Korean nukes.

The same nukes, by the way, we are not sure even exist, and this may be why all the Chicken Little breast-beating and (right) wing-wringing died down enough in recent months to get a deal cut and a cooling tower blown down and a few more free meals tucked into the sad and sorry northern cousins, thanks, they will be assured, to the respect their dear leader enjoys internationally.

I say this is the reprise and last hurrah for the familiar W gambit of inflating (no shortage of presidential flatulence for this particular energy need, alas!) balloons that, when they pop later, it won’t matter that a big stink is left, since there is no way to get it back into the asshole that produced it. I’m talking about Iran now, because I’ve been reading the work of Seymour Hersh ever since he broke the news about the My Lai massacre 4 decades ago in another ill-conceived US military fiasco, and this is where he is today.

Some readers may have become so jaded by the bloviators of today’s MSM that they don’t know what a serious and reputable journalist looks and sounds like, so here’s a look from CNN, of all the unlikely places (with apologies to Ted Turner.)

Now is a good time for everyone to take a deep breath and ask themselves, “What does George W. Bush expect to gain for himself, his legacy and the United States of America by the timing and destination of the August visit to Korea?” Aside from knowing that we don’t really have to guess who is the cowpoke bullshitter in this Bonanza scenario and who is Hop Sing, what else do we know and what can we surmise from it. There is still plenty of time for this mangy Bush of a tail to wag a whole world of pooches, and if it happens around late August, and there is even a small “coalition of the willing” on board for a fight with Iran, say Korea, Vanuatu and the Marianas,  what sort of spin and propaganda-catapulting will W need to mount in order to change the otherwise (in a world of thinkers-for-themselves, anyway) inevitable outcome of the US national elections in November.

Back when Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, and we already had evidence of just how far astray the Cheney-driven cabal of neocons and war criminals were willing to lead the nation, and W was scurrying about shredding the agreement Clinton’s people had wrought with N. Korea, I wrote to Speaker Pelosi. This was my plea.

“Please don’t believe a word that comes out of the Bush Administration about N. Korea”

Now I implore the leaders and the people of South Korea and all people of goodwill everywhere.

“Don’t believe a word that comes out of George W. Bush about Iran.” He could be telling the truth, but that’s a dog we don’t want to un-muzzle in a crowded room, until we know more about its diet.

We already know it’s a bad dog, and we’d rather become vegetarians than trust it to provide clean beef.


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