Shall a murderer go free because he is President of the United States?

“I would never prosecute George W. Bush for murder unless I had all the evidence I needed to convict him.”

This is the kind of statement Vincent Bugliosi makes without flinch or hesitation, in this video, which takes an hour to view in its 3-segment totality. Needless to say, the content of his book is very clear, unapologetic and, above all, insistent that the evidence is abundant and compelling. Everyone who has ever been riveted by an hour of crime and punishment TV drama should find the hour needed to pay it careful attention.

Bugliosi’s record of criminal prosecutions is this: he won convictions in 105 out of 106 trials before juries, including all 21 cases of murder.

His answer to the claim, among many made against him and his case against W, that Bush was not present at the deaths of any of the 4000 individual cases of death among the US military in Iraq, is that Charles Manson was not present at the death of any of the people for whom he was convicted of murder, and for which he will remain in prison for the rest of his unnatural life.

I appreciate that I had the opportunity to view Bugiosi’s three-part presentation, also carried on C-Span live, courtesy of The Public Record, where a great deal more valuable facts about public figures and events are available.


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