White Noise Insanity

It’s the name of a blog posted up by a lady name Kay in Maine. I want to be her friend, and I hope she wants to be mine. I’m not ready to deep-six the diehard Hillary supporters and Obama-haters quite yet, knowing as I do the frustration of seeing my candidates (sports teams, lottery numbers, savings account balances, stash levels, tax refunds, etc.) forever go down in flames. And when you’ve voted for Norman Thomas, Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, et. al., why hell, Barack just doesn’t come across looking all that revolutionary. The change from white to black, for an anthropologist, is nothing.

I reckon, unless John McCain drops dead before the election, either he or Obama are about 99% guaranteed to be the next president. To vote for anyone else is an exercise in something besides political wisdom. I’m okay with that, but let’s at least be honest about that much. I understand (and what Democrat can’t?) how a lot of Democrats-in-name feel mightily let down by the party and for a lot of perfectly valid reasons. I was a Democrat, and I will still vote Democrat as long as the Republican Party remains the recycling center for corruption, hypocrisy, neo-conservatism, war profiteers, carpetbaggers, claimjumpers, airport mens room lurkers, weasel farmers, spammers, Rupert Murdocks, Enrons, Keating Fives, Abramoffs, Boykins, Falwells, Limbaughs, Coulters, O’Reillys, Hannitys, Malkins, and other assorted deadweight doughfaces that, after everything that has been revealed about it in the past 8 years, can still vote the same straight party line with a straight face.

So, Hillary supporters and other Obama-rejecting Democrats, I feel your pain and I still love you, but its the tough love of a realist who knows that, unless you get over it and look past the end of your nose at this thing, and remember one wee fact: as bad as George Bush’s reign has been for the sensibilities of the most humane and rational among us, it would be a major, major lapse of judgement for anyone to imagine that, under continued Republican administrative hegemony, things could not possibly get worse.


One response to “White Noise Insanity

  1. Good morning! Thanks for linking to my blog! Most of us at my blog were Dennis Kucinich supporters (and still are at heart) from the get go. We’ve only recently started supporting Barack Obama and not one of us could support Hillary Clinton. Our focus is mainly going after Johnny McTeleprompter who we think is as frightening as George Bush was. We picture Johnny answering his dentures at 3am in the White House and it terrifies us!


    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it.

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