John McCain: Your Bridge to the Past

The Familographer, too preoccupied to post much this sultry month, still tries to jam in as much high-quality reading as possible, just to keep the political angst at a fever pitch in these times of the raw spectacle represented by a United States where there are actually enough brainwashed citizen voters to put another incompetent, corrupt, anti-intellectual and mendacious cracker in the White House (or “the Home”, as it would better be called in that case).

One writer often found at TPM Cafe goes by the moniker “Commenter formerly known as NCSteve” has written the piece Familographer would have written if he could have a cosmic wireless interface from his brain to his word processor and could damp down the fire in his hair long enough to free the mental resources to organize the thoughts. If the reader knows anyone like that over the age of 18, and sufficiently literate to get it, please tuck this link between their sports page and TV guide. When the going gets weird, the weird seem normal.


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