The Recurring Nightmare

I have a recurring nightmare, and rarely get any relief from it, and its effect on me is that I’m writhing soaked in sweat right up until the moment relief comes in the form of …..going to sleep.

Its theme is simple: a monster destroys a world he loves by misunderstanding its fragility, a little bit like the fat sow that rolls over on its piglets and squashes the life out of them. In this case, John McCain is the fat sow and he’s been made that way by the neocon and American Taliban farmers of the political and religious right, who have hypnotized him into the belief that he hasn’t really lost whatever mind he once had of his own, and replaced it with reruns of Rush O’Hannity and Coulter Malkin.

There is an antidote to the poisonous fears that trigger this nightmare, and it’s called

Nightmare McCain vs McCain’s Nightmare

Moral Compass

Ross Perot on one man’s family values

Viagra versus birth control

Blatant Racism

The comic relief, on the other hand, could be a real shot in the arm for the satirical arts…

Old Shit

Well, this has been fun, albeit preaching to the choir for most readers here. What I’ve tried to do is offer you a nowhere near comprehensive but very damn definitive and real righteously representative series of moving pictures of the man who, if the mainstream media, the Supremes, the Diebolds, the ‘Merican mullahs for Jesus, the Norquists named for Sesame Street characters who make more sense than they do, the babyface bullshitters (yes, Ralph Reed and Lindsey Graham, I’m talking about you!) and the right=wingnut punditocracy all get their way.

As much as I would love to throw away a write-in vote for Dennis Kucinich for POTUS (Smart enough, wise enough, man enough!), I’m convinced that if Obama doesn’t win it, McCain will. Now, if I can just go to sleep,  this madness will stop, and I can spend a few blissful hours falling, being hit by cars and devoured by slavering hyenas.


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