Take Heart!

We didn’t grasp the deepest ugly truths about the serial incompetence-and-mendacity tendencies of George W. Bush-Cheney until well into that administration, and still, not enough voters were sufficiently outraged (read: “swayed by truth/logic/ethical issues) to turn them aside after four year. Maybe that’s why the McCain Palin campaign is showing no tendency to conceal the very same characteristics and fatal character flaws from their programs and personalities even before they are actually elected.

Before we rush to judgement about the capacity of Americans, even residents of places like Alaska and Idaho (well, okay, maybe Idaho has irretrievably lost it), here is a blog report that will hearten every thoughtful person who teeters on the brink of despair that is the realization that McCain/Palin might fool enough of the people all of the time to make it into the White House.

I hope the reader will do everything possible to get this report in front of as many redneck voters (evangelicals, social and/or fiscal conservatives, racists, doofuses, and the rest of the groin-grabbing, beer-swilling sports-addicted, couch-dwelling miscreants as possible. It won’t change their vote (which may be the only civil function they observe this year), but it is to be hoped that it will make them at least as profoundly uncomfortable as a dose of jock itch.


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