Phone Mob for Righteous (i.e. non-wingnut) Radio

I’m not in a position to do this myself, but like any conscientious grandpa, I can adjure young people with cellphones (who, as I understand it, are not included in polling populations) to what I can’t. I can’t because I don’t have a cellphone, and even if I did, using it on US residents from Seoul would mean, above all, that my opinion or advice on anything was likely to be so daffy that it could sagely be ignored. Too many people are already of that opinion, so I’m trying to improve.

Here’s the text of an email I sent last night to Michael Moore, Joshua Micah Marshall and Arianna Huffington, who are my three big news-providing heroes online, though by no means the only ones:

As you have no doubt noticed (you seem to miss very little), a lot of us are bemused at how close so many polls make the US presidential race, when the difference between the two candidacies appears so great, and so qualitatively weighted to Obama. If you agree that a significant part of the problem is because vast numbers of McCain supporters are are those who spend their mornings at work or driving around sucking up the vicious, hateful stream of putrescence spewed by rightwing morning talk radioheads, national and local,

I can’t help thinking a call from you and other progressives with a large audience, for a national cellphone mobilization,  as part, for example, of Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising”, intended to suck air out of the lungs of these Limbaughs and their mutant progeny by invading the call-in phase of their programs while on-air.

If we trigger an avalanche of calls, not tipping our hand until we’re actually on the air, or at least on hold, before launching into the riff on how shameful these broadcasters are for victimizing listeners with their destructive and unpatriotic content, It would become more difficult for them to conduct business as usual.

You could publish a list of stations, names and numbers in your blog.

A backup approach would be to launch barrages of calls to the sponsors of these programs to inform them that because of their support of ugly radio, their products will no longer be acceptable to the caller or anyone the caller knows.

If I had the pulpit you have, this is the project I would launch.

Yours for a social and progressive labor-led world,


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