Fight this Bailout!

I don’t pray, but do long with every fiber of feeling me to see a tsunami of public opinion rise to swamp this bailout plan of the Bush Administration. Better to do nothing and freeze the thing in place until after the election, and let the people say through their votes whether they want more of the same, or sweeping and radical change in the way the US is governed and its economy managed.

When I consider that there are perhaps a million souls locked in cages throughout America because, out of a combination of intoxication, desperation and culture-borne cluelessness that led them to commit some comparatively petty crime against the property of others. This while tens of thousands of brokers and bankers and agents of our greed-constructed financial system walk away with bonuses and dividends and commissions equal to or greater than the sums that have been lost in the collapse, and will be compounded for the taxpayers through this bailout scheme.

We owe it to ourselves, each other and the nation to resist this madness now, before it becomes a fait accompli.

Work the phones to your representatives! Email everyone in your contacts list! Argue with anyone willing to defend this incompetence-justified plan! Or as Dennis Kucinich proclaimed as a lament, a request and marching orders to the citizenry, WAKE UP, AMERICA and WAKE UP AMERICA!


2 responses to “Fight this Bailout!

  1. I hope you don’t believe that Obama will change anything, do you?

    Jack, as we discuss regularly, when one is owned by the corporations, they will not enforce any change from the status quo. It is set up for either of them, if Bush doesn’t end up in power through some fascist power play.

    Obama/Biden is the same shit, dude. There will so little difference with those two in power that it might as well be Bush or McCain.

    I have been warning of this for a very long time and as you once said, I have ‘bragging rights’. I first started the prediction way back in Jan or Feb and much of my prediction is occurring as we write this shit.

    I believe that I am also correct regarding many of the things you and I discuss.

    One of those is the suggestion that what you see happening is an all-out coup taking place. With a $700BILLION bailout in the works, giving Paulson virtual untethered powers will forgive all these corrupt corporate bastards their fucking of America and, as usual, make the Americans pay for it.

    Things are set up for a take-over by these criminals and that is what we need to be warning people about.

    Now, just one false flag terrorist attack or a major war or invasion with Iran, China or Russia and they will take over.

    And again, the monumental elephant in the room is the Military Industrial Complex and the money that supports it. You don’t hear a peep about that from The Change man, do you?

    Americans are going to pay for this fucking and NOTHING will be said about the REASON for it all.

    I bet Nader has a few words to say about this. But most don’t care because they love the fucked up rat race of the two parties.

    We deserve whatever happens because we are apparently a bunch of fucking idiots, swayed by the slimiest shysters and browbeaten into submission by the fools who support the two party rule.

  2. I agree with you and would like to add that this is not a partisan issue. This is the biggest financial rape of the middle class that I have ever witnessed. If you belong to that middle class, you should be outraged. How many times has the government handed you a blank check to correct a completely unethical financial miscalculation that you’ve made? Why are Americans who are already struggling under the weight of this corrupt administration’s mistakes once again being handed the bill?

    The fact that both the Rep. and Dem. presidential candidates support this bill in theory should make us all aware that politicians care nothing for the little guy. If either one of them have the guts and/or the moral fortitude to stand up and say, “I do not support this in any way, shape or form” THAT is the man who will get my vote.

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