Mobius Bailout and Monster Baloney punk Loose John McCannon’s McCampaign

There is a great lot on the plate at this big table today! Who thought they would ever see the day when the most progressive and most conservative members of the US House of Representatives would be found voting in tandem on a measure the defeat of which would be a net plus for the average Joe? The image of the Mobius strip comes to mind where a single straight line extended, ends at its beginning. My favorite troublemaker, Michael Moore, describes what happened, with the caveat that it all comes around again in about 72 hours.

From the progressive side, the heroes of the vote, and few will be surprised by this, include Dennis Kucinich, who is still at the top of my don’t-look-for-it-to-change list for preferred presidential candidates. Also making strong, eloquent statements were Marcy Kaptur and Sheila Jackson Lee (if you want to know what Sarah Palin would look like on the return trip from Oz with a heart and a brain).

A letter signed by 200 economists raised many of the same questions contained in these speeches on the floor of the House. Even so, there were enough Republicans and Democrats gob-smacked by this latest chicken-little scenario, or their own personal portfolio numbers or whatever to go along hand in hand down the skunkweed path that, with a little more administration administered scare, and lapdog media spin, and all the behind-the-scenes promises of a date with Porky, lipstick and all, this deal could still go down. I hope those who have phoned and written and taught against this bailout will continue to do so, including the many who will read this who are not even citizens of the USA. Canadians should be especially vigilant and active in their scrutiny and actions regarding it.

Aside from derailing this Rolls Royce juggernaut of a bailout, Sen. John McCain loosened the nuts on his campaign’s own four wheels, just before taking one sharp turn too many for his baloney express, with his bogus campaign suspension and the fiction that he was actually anywhere near the center of the action where the people who tried, and I give them credit for trying despite that they stopped well short of what I see as necessary for an acceptable set of solutions for this problem. I don’t know if the Loose McCannon McCampaign will recover from these self-inflicted wounds, but I can’t help wallowing in the schadenfreude surrounding the question.

But let’s talk about politics, if I may, and let’s revisit the slogan cum business model of my favorite living poet, Charles Potts, “Spiritual solutions to political problems through artistic means”. Art is having a lot more to do with what’s happening at the level of netroots than many people, and certainly the McCain campaign, don’t yet recognize. Start with connections made between old art and new (well, recent) politics. What is the effect on a campaign when a million users are invited to draw the connection between the campaign suspension gambit, with its implied claim of “Me, I’m going to rope and throw this dogey, Me, John McCain”, and this classic bit of Children’s Television Workshop chicken video brilliance? I don’t know which is more influential, classical singing chickens or war-warbling hawks, but I know which one I won’t vote for.

Between SNL’s Tina Fey sendups of Palin and Dave Letterman hijacking the CBS feed of Loose John getting a $5,000 makeup job at a time when he claimed he was going to be, like Mighty Mouse, on his way to save the economy from the same rat bastards that, along with Arizona mob and the Big Beer dowry money had financed his entire post-POW political honeymoon, had ruined the nation’s economy. Later he’ll shrug it all off as the press playing Gotcha! journalism. Yup, yup.

Back to those 200 economists for a quick aside, most of them are presumably from academia, and economists aren’t the only scholars with hounds in this hunt. Every conceivable angle that can be worked is not only being worked, but the results are available to thousands, no millions more people right now, at the click of a digit. These experts, appreciated as they are by a new generation of young scholars energized by greater ease in the discovery and processing of information than has, in the entire history of the species, never been so plentiful, available and, best of all, free for the clicking, are enjoying legs like their predecessors of the previous generation could only dream about.

Dennis DeFoggi, a painter you’ll learn more about here eventually, recently sent me a link to a blog recently started up by a mutual friend. At the top of the page, I found this lecture by George Lakoff about the frames we allow to limit our thought processes. Jenny’s new blog, by the way, currently features a reprint of Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone screed on the Sarah Palin whatchamacallit, so after you’ve closed your eyes and listened to Lakoff for an hour while comfortably prone on the floor, like I was, check that out also.

Then, before you conclude that this election is all but over because the right choice is obvious and America is, as Kucinich urged, awake at last, watch this scary item from Greg Palast, who has done far the most solid investigative reporting on what happened to the last two rightly presumed Democratic victories (2000, 2004) and then call every lawyer you know and insist they get their asses down to the polling places in every precinct on election night or before, to demand that whatever lists may have been intended for use as “voter authentication” or whatever phony name they may call them by, and insist that such lists be shredded or kept in plain sight where monitors can verify that no votes are being invalidated by pigs in lipstick, warbling chickenhawk clones, insurocrats, Wall Street surrogates or other such orcs as only these eight years of neocon high crimes and misdemeanors could produce, until all the votes have been tallied and certified.

Finally, the coolest item I have come across so far, thanks to my nephew’s very cool wife, who recently became my friend on facebook, there is this site where, just by visiting and clicking, you can assure that a purchaser of advertising will contribute an amount sufficient to prevent a child from starvation for a day. That’s my motto: Everybody Eats! If you read this far, you are a beautiful human being and I would kiss you if I could reach you.


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