Send Lawyers, Guns and Money…

Before “the shit has hit the fan”, as Warren Zevon’s 1994 song about a rogue operative detected in mid-catapult, there is a window of opportunity for US lawyers, and especially US Attorneys in every state to strike a Vulcan-sized blow for the recovery of their reputations with the citizenry. No longer need they toil at the reading of the law unappreciated for all that pro bono lawyering done when they were young and on the make before they made partner and elevated their fees into the 100-dollars-a-minute stratosphere of professional profit-taking.

America needs something right now that we never thought we’d need, nor hear ourselves calling for, and that is a blizzard of lawsuits. Every lawyer with a conscience (that’s right, all three of you!) should be hastening to file actions designed to disrupt this Republican plot to decertify legally registered and entitled voters, thereby rendering their ballots null and void in the Nov. 4 presidential election. It is the duty of every citizen to fight for the right of all to have their ballot counted, even if, or maybe especially if they (and sometimes their entire family) are living in and out of the family car. Their vote should be counted even if the car won’t start. The rest of us should give them a free ride to the polls and use Karl Rove’s credit card to pay for their lunch afterward.

This conspiracy, spelled out with crystal clarity by Greg Palast and J. Gerald Hebert and Rep. Dennis Kucinich and the investigators of ACORN and the fired US Attorneys of W’s DOJ, cannot be allowed to play out uncontested. Anyone who has paid good money to lawyers for needed work should today get on the phone with that individual to discuss exactly what recourse exists under the statutes of the jurisdiction in which they reside, to shine daylight into the procedures of the local election board when it comes to their steps for the disqualification of voters. More volunteers, perhaps, can be mandated by the courts to watch over the shoulders of harried workers to engage them and to find out what sort of instructions they may have received from highly politicized sources about such procedures.

There will be a price in social upheaval after this election if the result is in question because of this conspiracy of the Republican right to defraud the country of a fair outcome in the balloting. The elections of 2000 and 2004, with all the suspicion and bad smells and creepy characters who crawled out of them are nothing to what we could possibly see if the will of the majority is thwarted under circumstances where the mechanism of the crime has been so thoroughly described and illuminated beforehand. Every legal weapon of defense against this eventuality should be aimed at the process now, before it’s too late. Call your lawyer and tell him/her to hop to it. It’s time to sue the government. Whee!


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