W: Resign today, and shut me up!

I am so full of negative things I want to say about you, George W. Bush, that I couldn’t possible get them all said if everyone I see for the next ten years stops by and invites me to do nothing else for the next hour or two, one after another. But I’m weary. I’m weary of detesting you for the mess you’ve dumped on our country over your term. I’m also worried. Not having a president for even another week promises to make things palpably worse.

I’m also weary of hearing the president-elect forced to accept that “We only have one president at a time”. The problem, as Barney Frank put it so well, is that right now we have considerably less than one.

So I promise you this, Mr. Bush. If you will resign in the next day or two, thereby clearing the way for Obama to work, I will hold my tongue for the rest of my days and never have another bad word to say out loud about you . I think you understand why I qualify the offer by saying “out loud”. It’s a lot more difficult to put a damper on my thoughts than it is to curb my utterances.

Quit Today, Get a Pass! This offer expires before you can complete your next grammatical sentence.


3 responses to “W: Resign today, and shut me up!

  1. Amen!

    The only thing I’d add is:

    Dear George W. Bush,
    If self immolation is something that you’d consider, please also think about doing it while Sarah Palin is giving you a lap dance. This would be a great “Two-Fer” if you catch my drift.
    You betcha!
    Jerry w.

  2. Well, Sarah isn’t my type either, but I believe she does have a pulse and body temperature above ambient (not that difficult in Alaska), so with my sliding standards as I get older she therefore is now part of my not very exclusive “I’d do her” list. Not that I’d tell anyone. Or show photos of the event.

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