Torture is Crime

It is not legal for agents of the US Government to torture those in its custody. Torture is therefore considered a crime. When more than one person set out to torture, or when one person tortures and another knows about it, or has authorized it from an administrative position, or has knowledge of it being, or having been underway but sits silent and fails to act to end the torture in whatever way or ways may be available, the person or persons are complicit in the crime. Complicity in a crime, committed and/or covered-up, is conspiracy. Conspiracy is therefore also a crime.

Today we have a vast and shallow sea of people on the right in the United States, drumming out this dark mantra that by committing this crime of torture, the United States is made safer from terrorism, even though torture is a crime (of terror?) and everyone knows it is a crime.

Are these right-wing torturers not co-conspirators in the crime, then? Is it a part of the right of free speech in America to advocate and condone the crime of torture as an instrument of state policy before and after the fact?

What is the point of laws against torture if so many can conspire openly to break the law, and to be exonerated by the co-conspirators? This is Cheneyism gone berserk. It is an open conspiracy, and the attorney general is derelict in his duty if he fails to act against it.

Torture is a crime. Enforce the law.


3 responses to “Torture is Crime

  1. Can’t blame Cheney for the brainwashed Americans’ endorsement of torture.

    Evil as he is, it is our fault.

  2. To the extent that, as countrymen, we’re all supposed to be on the same side, I guess we own him, too, but we should lock him up like a bad dog, or a mass murderer.

  3. I appreciate the fact you chose to write on this very real subject of TORTURE. What an excellent post!

    After a ten year break from college, I went back to university to get a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I spent more time, however, studying human rights issues while volunteering as the Founder and Director of the university chapter of the human rights non-profit organization, Amnesty International.

    I never realized until then that matters such as torture don’t matter to people who are unaware of the realities existing beyond their rose-tinted spectacles.

    This is a huge issue, torture is crime, that is a fact! Not only is it a violation of United States statute, but the issue gets larger when the actors or administrators of our country (The Ones With POWER) allow the implementation of torture under the guise of ‘protecting our country’ paints a picture of a guilty, culpable and Oxymoron-esque Government for our country.

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