The Biggest Threat to America

Fresh from looking over a Facebook poll (one of probably thousands of mostly inconsequential, trivial, inane, asinine and/or idiotic queries) with the title “Which country is the biggest threat to America as of now?”, I am bemused to discover that nearly half of the respondents opt for N. Korea. It was a shock until I discovered that only 21 people responded. I have no idea whether it means anything, but I live a short bicycle ride from one of the points from which the northern cousins could be expected to ooze out of their sorry little enclave, should they eventually opt for national suicide, and launch attacks against the South.

On the other hand, a quarter million FBers weighed in on the question, “Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing in office?” The choice of responses one is given to this one are “approve”, “disapprove” and “undecided”. Wanting to make certain my opinion matters almost not at all like everyone else’s, I am forced to vote twice in order to tally my correct position, viz. “approve” and “disapprove”.

As for “Which country, etc.”, it should be perfectly clear to anyone who spends any time at all considering facts before they arrive at their opinions, that the nation representing the greatest threat to the United States of America today is the United States of America. There isn’t another country on the planet capable (or terribly desirous) of doing much more than hurting our feelings. Collectively, all of them put together spend less on their military establishments than we do.

Our problem in America is that at least half of our fellow citizens have been free to pursue courses of study (which is really stretching the acceptable meanings for the word) that have led them to conclusions the factual support for which are utterly lacking, when it comes to matters affecting US national survival. Additionally, they embrace ideologies of the right that shore up their “gut instincts” about who are our adversaries and what we must fear. As a result they conclude our problems are caused by  “immigrants” and the greatest evil facing us is the “Liberals”.

On the basis of such conclusions as this, they  drive themselves and each other bat-guano-crazy from sniffing the glue secreted in the oral mucosa of rightwing media commentators (since we’ve already stretched meaning of one word out of shape, let’s deform “commentator” and paint it  shit-brindle brown, as befits the metaphor of  brains transformed to bat guano).

Somewhere near half of all Americans are comfortable, even proud, to know almost nothing  about most everything worthy of scientific investigation outside of sports, TV programs, antique religious documents, and celebrity wardrobes. The most comforting quality of opinion in these realms is that it so eagerly relegates itself to the realm of relevant fact. It is a condition that, unremedied by universal education and less febrile electronic and print media input, will be more than enough to eventually collapse the roof of the American house; that creaking noise you hear probably isn’t your joints.

Our problem, in my arrogant opinion, is that the views and behaviors of the reactionary Right are so unspeakably foul that, when the bat guano finally overflows into the fan, and America’s run as the Big Dog has finished , the other good people of the planet who, under normal kinds of crisis circumstances would step in to assist the America that has so often in the past been there for them and others, will be left with nothing to do but to sit back engulfed in clouds of schadenfreude and pot smoke, wondering what possible use can be made of this planet-size heap of shredded bat guano.


2 responses to “The Biggest Threat to America

  1. Right vs Left?

    They are the same, Bro.

    Many have fallen for the meme that Big Money wants them to fall for. It isn’t (or shouldn’t be) right vs left. It should be the citizen against the Corporate Control.

    The sooner everyone wakes up to this, the sooner we have a real solution.

    And, yes, America is the biggest threat to America. Hand’s down.

  2. Don’t know what you have against bat guano.

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