Boycott Fortune 500

A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for political reasons. -Wikipedia

Today I have launched in Facebook my campaign to trigger a nationwide boycott of Fortune 500 company products and services to last until all have agreed to absolute transparency of their operations where the national (and global) public health and welfare are at issue. It is intended that an army of determined, aggressive researchers adn field representatives of the boycott action spread out into the communities most at risk, essentially every middle class neighborhood in the United States, to educate and inform the citizens on the goals and philosophies that propel the action.

The erosion of social and economic security that plagues our country is unprecedented, and the eventual worst-case scenario, if it goes unchecked, is the complete collapse of our way of life. If it happens, and the citizenry have not risen to take action ahead of the collapse, when a clear course of action has been proposed that promises both near- and long-term positive results, then the citizens must accept responsibility along with those they prefer to condemn.

Americans must take back into their own hands the reins of control over their economic well-being and livelihood. This means making radical changes, based on humane and sensible actions, in the entire fabric of our economic lives. We must conserve more, consume less, make do with less, share more, socialize more, read and discuss more, make better use of human and material resources in our neighborhoods, create better living, playing, studying and working environments for our young people without boring them to distraction, and we must stop thinking of American as an exception, invulnerable to every normal destructive force of man and nature.

It is time to stop causing so many problems to be part of, and to start offering and being part of the solutions. It starts with altering our patterns of consumption of the most basic goods and services. By sharing costs of such necessities as energy, transportation, child care, health and medical needs, food, clothing and shelter, enormous savings are within our reach. By forcing big companies to stop counting on consumers to be no better nor more intelligent than milch cows and egg-laying chickens and wool-producing sheep, in our consumption of the fat and sugar laden food products, foreign sweatshop-produced garments, and gas-guzzling, pollutant-belching personal conveyances, we can regain control of these critical dimensions of our lives.

I intend to dwell on this topic at length, and I hope in doing so, to attract a range of commentary, pro and con, that will propel the movement forward and serve as a key element of its success as a movement, but more importantly lead to a process of steadily evolving remedies and beneficial changes that only hard-bitten ideologues might condemn out-of-hand.

Some may wonder from whence comes the impetus behind this move. Credit the writing of David Halberstam, a man whose journalism I always admired while he lived. The library of a private school where I sub recently discarded a copy of Halberstam’s The Powers that be, chronicling the 20th Century lives of Luce, Chandler, Paley and Graham families, and the rise of the media empires they led. Even though I was present and mostly paying attention during the last 50 years of the period, I am startled to learn how much I missed, everyone missed, about them, that makes sense of a lot of facts previously disconnected in my understanding.


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