What? Me Worry?

So-heui is 12. She hasn’t been abroad, nor does she have special conditions that would predict a precocity with English greater than that of her peers. She loves stories, she wants to be a writer, and she writes. We’ve been friends for over three years; in that time, together we have filled a half-dozen or more notebooks with messages to each other, as part of our Penpride Journal Exchange project. She always surprises and delights, with her stories, often adding whimsical drawings to illustrate them. She is a precious handful in class. I always expected that her path through the school system would not be an easy one, so I agreed with her early that no matter how difficult she makes my life in our group meetings, I won’t say or do anything to hurt her feelings or single her out for discipline, as long as she will take my stern look as a polite request for her to stop whatever she’s saying or doing. We are the best of friends, no doubt in part because I agreed not to say anything about the masses of spelling errors she acknowledged were in her stories, until her English teachers at school began to complain about them. The quality of her imagination transcends any formal requirements of the language. She has a scary way with words; I’m beginning to feel like she needs a writing teacher who is at least her equal as a writer. Here is the evidence:

Dear Mr. Large,
I don’t feel like writing a story today. I don’t feel like writing a story today. I don’t feel like writing a story today. I should have written on this page 7 days ago. Sorry.

Worry Days

When you feel like nobody wants you around,
And when your test scores are hitting the ground,
And when you feel like crying,
And feel like a shoe that nobody’s buyin’
And you feel like hittin’ the wall,
And feelin that everyone hoped you would fall
Those are the worry days

When you feel like fallin’ apart,
And feel like the fun will never again start,
And when you feel like thrashin’ your teacher,
And you feel like everyone’s treatin’ you like a creatcher,
And when you think their callin’ ‘Looser’ behind your back,
And when you feel like a empty sack,
Those are the gloomy days.

And that’s how I felt at school today. And I kept feelin’ that at home, until I started writin’ this. It made me feel better

Your friend who is gloomy
On Sept. 7, 2012so-heui


One response to “What? Me Worry?

  1. wow she is a wonder! keep her writing…Until we attempted to freeze the English language into a lifeless edifice, spelling creativity was just part of it…see Shakespeare etc….. Personally i get so bored with the “protectors” of the purity of the language….they stunt it’s growth….and ours

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