Kickstarter Launch: Pike Market Memories 1966~1968

Missus clicked the green rectangular button with the word “launch” on it a couple days ago. That small gesture officially began my campaign for financial backing of our Kickstarter project. It’s our first attempt to succeed with a crowd-funding effort. Success will be achieving the financial goal, of course. More importantly, though, it will be determined by my ability to deliver the promised rewards to backers on time, and of sufficient quality to merit critical approval of the written and visual content.

At its most successful, the collection of photographs that are the focus of the project will get the attention of an agency or institution with the ability and willingness to archive the collection for posterity. That’s what I seek, in launching it. That will be my reward, along with the extraordinary sense of gratitude I feel toward those of my family and friends who became the earliest money backers. It hasn’t escaped my understanding that their contributions are as much a gesture of affection for me personally as of appreciation of the practical goal of seeing my collection of photographs off to the City of Seattle (or anywhere else). There is something about being loved more than an entire city that is right pleasing to the consciousness.

I’m still waiting for a total stranger to jump in, on simple grounds that the water looks fine. That, when it happens, will be success of a whole other kind, and I can’t see why the makers of games and other outré confabulations should have that special kind of love all to themselves.


One response to “Kickstarter Launch: Pike Market Memories 1966~1968

  1. Hello-
    The Special Collections at the Seattle Public Library would be very happy to work with you to digitize the collection and find a home for it in Seattle. We have a large collection of original documents from the Pike Place Market (donated to us by the owner’s family and Peter Steinbrueck). These materials are scheduled to be digitized in the next year. We are further commited to making our collections widely available for public use. Our Digital Projects staff would be very interested in moving such a collection as this to high priority status. I am confident that we can fund this project, work with you to ensure your goals are met, and be a safe long-term home for the collection. Please do feel free to contact us. Jodee Fenton, Head, Special Collections, The Seattle Public Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 206 386-4610.

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