Mentors and Heroes

My first post here was the memorial to Utah Phillips, which wasn’t quite what I intended, so I’ve moved it to the main page for the time being, even though the hero connection is intuitive, obvious.

Chalk it up to the geriatric learning curve, and hope with me that with practice I’ll improve at the manipulations required by blogging.

As for explanations of what to expect from a page on mentors and heroes, that should be apparent to anyone.


4 responses to “Mentors and Heroes

  1. Jack-

    Wow! I dig your blog; you’ve got all the bases covered as far as my personal preferences exist.

    I plan to go to law school if I ever manage to complete my requirements- so I especially like the posts you have on rights & freedoms.

    Being a fellow fan of poetry- like you are, links you and I even more than one could realize. Your blog covers all the nuggets which make life golden. The video arena is new to me as far as creating a video, but I enjoyed the vids you have made.

    Oh- and your section on art…..all kudos to you my friend for the stories you’ve covered.

    Will look forward to reading more on your blog and I will keep the light on for you to drop by my blog, “Even for the Hipsters, Hustlers and Highjivers.”

    Maybe we can collaborate on something together as time or inclination allows. But we won’t need to write a piece on heroes…I think its obvious that inspiration comes from many sources. Today, it is coming to me via your blog!!

    I’ll be in touch.

    p.s. The link to the blog which Paul Hawkins and I have created is generic as a direct url: ( but pretty great as a blog made…even for the hipsters, hustlers and highjivers!


  2. Jack,

    Your blog is wonderful! I wanted to let you know my url above changed to and I have your blog listed on the right side of my blog under “Good Harbingers.” Sorry I forgot to let you know that I changed my url. Keep on with the good writing!

  3. I am looking for a Jack Large who lived in an art colony in Seattle in the 1960’s. He had two friends, Dave Foulger and Dave Wagner. I believe you might be the Jack Large that I am looking for. I heard stories about you from David Wagner when we hung out together in the mid 1990’s. He told me many stories about you boys.. He died on Nov 20, 2010. I miss him so very much and would like to hear from you, if in fact, you are the Jack Large I am looking for. I did meet Dave Foulger and his wife when David and I were visiting my daughter in the Portland area. It really was a grand reunion.Thank you for any information you may have. Nancy Chevigny-Dahlke

    • Yes, I am that guy, Nancy. I was lucky enough to talk with Dave once before he died, and to buy one of his prints. I learned of his death months after the fact, as a result of a query I sent to a Spokane friend. I sent a link to your Facebook page. The photos in that collection contain a dozen or so images of Davids (five of my closest friends at the time) are included. Sooner or later the photos will be displayed by the Seattle Public Library. Thanks for reaching out. Dave was with me the first time I took acid. That’s an unbreakable bond of love that has survived his death.

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